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Reddit encourage to post pictures

Reddit encourage to post pictures

While social networking websites can be cold and cruel places, full of snark and fail, the vacation season has a means of softening the guts of even the most cold hearted distributor of memes.

Take, as an example, RedditGifts, the secret Santa-themed offshoot of popular stories assembly site Reddit. This December over five thousand Redditors agreed to ship a present to one other Redditor, breaking the prior world record for the biggest secret Santa. So far, about ninety percent of players have kept up their end of the deal. To keep the spirit going, Redditors are inspired to post photographs and outlines of what they have received. A fast peek at the haul explains (as expected) the gifts lean towards being geeky and ironic, like the a plastic pirate toy and book on robbery, or a DVD of an after-school Star Wars Yuletide special that ran in the '70s. Though partakers were only inspired to spend fifteen greenbacks, the average present is at present running about $35, with one fortunate Redditor receiving a secret present worth over $4,000! However, our favourite present must be the coed who received $1,500 in crisp $100 bills. Perhaps it is down to the fact we are cold hearted Net people, but nothing announces Xmas like cold, hard money.