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Photobucket photos uplods for mobiles

Photobucket photos uplods for mobiles

While Facebook is the go-to place for many individuals' photo-sharing and photo-hosting wishes its rivals are hardly giving up without a fight. In a move built to take a chunk out of the expanding mobile picture industry, Photobucket is merging its operations with Ontela, a top provider of picture software for mobile phones.

This mixed company will be known as Photobucket Company. Stories Company, which acquired Photobucket (Photobucket) in 2007, will hold a significant equity position in the new company.

The coalition will meld Photobucket's brand with Ontela's software, which is currently in use on more than thirty wireless carriers around the planet. It's really engaging to find out how mobile phones have transformed the camera market. Low-end standalone digital cameras became just about displaced by mobile phones. And why not? Today's smart phones can offer sufficient quality (often even great quality), and the power to e-mail, upload to Flickr (Flickr), Facebook or other services, and the power to transfer back to a home Computer for touch-ups or prints. One reason Facebook (Facebook) especially has taken such a lead over other photo-sharing sites is due to how easy it is to transfer pictures from your phone to the service. If the new Photobucket can influence the name with an existing mobile web software, it might just have a product which will compete especially in foreign markets or with folks who don't have to always rely on Facebook.