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Photobucket and Ontela signed agreement

Photobucket and Ontela signed agreement

The mixed company that may be known as Photobucket will leverage the assets of the 2 firms. The mix will bring together Photobucket's enormous audience of more than twenty-two million monthly unique users in the U.S. With Ontela's software that's currently in use on more than thirty wireless carriers, including Verizon and T-Mobile.

Photobucket asserted it will leverage Ontela's wireless carrier relations to provide distribution and customer access to over 140 million wireless subscribers, while Ontela will drive uptake of its mobile applications by trying Photobucket's brand and highly active user base. "We are avid to bring together these 2 companies," announced Tom Munro, Ontela's CFO.

"We believe Photobucket's massive client audience and content leadership - and the gifted team of pros who have driven the business - enhances and brings great promise to Ontela's technology leadership in mobile photograph sharing applications." Ontela is a supplier of services that get footage off camera telephones. Ontela's exclusive technology automatically uploads footage from phones, answering the last remaining issue with mobile photography - getting at the photographs.