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Photbucket with a magnificient photos online

Photbucket with a magnificient photos online

With the blast of digital cameras and online photograph sites like Photobucket, designing, printing and sharing favourite photographic photographs has become a Yank entertainment. Coupling this with our experience in the customization of electronics makes complete sense," announced Paul Buss, Chairman of Skinit.

"We are proud about the capability for Photobucket users to easily transfer their pictures direct to, taking full benefit of all their wonderful online photos." The 2 corporations have made a photograph integration feature, employing Skinit's customization platform and Photobucket's premier standalone photo- and video-sharing site.

In the site, Photobucket users can select any image from their Photobucket profile and immediately send it to for customization on one of Skinit's three thousand compatible devices - everything from telephones, portables and MP3 players to games machines and more. Users can personalize their footage with text and shapes, add multiple photographs for a collage effect and simply swap out different pictures or adjust the photograph for an ideal fit before ordering. "Here at Photobucket, we are proud of extending the reach of customers' creative digital capabilities when it comes to pictures.

We know how enticing it is to quickly access over three thousand electronic gizmos and personalize your device with a favorite member of the family, pal or dramatic photo," recounted Darren Kelly, general executive, Photobucket.

" takes sharing footage to the extraordinary; making it straightforward and fun." All device skins made from Photobucket photographs are made of fine quality sturdy 3M vinyl for simple application and hassle-free, residue-free removal.

The skins are an ideal fit for any device and also provide protection from scratches and everyday wear. Interested parties can check out an example of the method on the Skinit Photobucket Landing Page. Photobucket users can access the site thru their Photobucket Album Page by clicking on the telephone image in the bottom left of the page in the product box.