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Saturday, Sep 20th

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Flickr with the new feature of uploading videos

Flickr with the new feature of uploading videos

Due to an accelerating number of users uploading photographs thru their camera telephones, Flickr has said upgrades to their mobile broadband site. One of the most prominent upgrades will be the power to view uploaded videos through a mobile telephone.

Now this feature is available only thru the iPhone or iPod touch, but more mobile devices are predicted to be supported for video playback in the future. Other new features include the facility to be in a position to comment on and favourite pictures from your mobile telephone.

Flickr has made it simpler to add, find and manage your contacts thru your mobile telephone. Naturally, one of the finest features of using Flickr thru a mobile telephone is the facility to easily upload photographs to Flickr thru a mail address. The new Flickr mobile web site now makes it better to find your secret Flickr e-mail so you can add the address to your mobile contacts.

Considering the fantastic expansion of camera telephones it makes complete sense for Flickr to resume improving their mobile site. One of Flickr's newest features has been the capability to upload video. It's great to now hear that you are going to be able to observe this video from a mobile telephone, too.