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Wednesday, Sep 17th

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Twitter with the new contributor API

Twitter with the new contributor API

A huge hat tip to Mashable and Starbucks for getting and publishing some extraordinary new footage of the approaching Twitter Contributor API. The Contributor API is the first of a coming string of updates to permit companies to better manage their company accounts. This naturally puts pressure on the existing players in that market, e.g. CoTweet.

Up till today, we only had one little image that was, well common to say the least. Revealed today are a lot of better screen captures. The API has 2 sides, what the patron sees, and what the writer sees. Naturally, it must be made straightforward to change between accounts, so Twitter made a new top-screen bar to handle it. Looks quite straightforward, you'd think that with $150 million they may have been more creative. And that's about it, an easy way for accounts to be wrote by multiple users on Twitter. Nothing special, but the time Twitter made a move towards earning profits. I could bet that their speculators are gad; given the sites traffic has flatlined. The instant you stop growing, you have to earn money. One or the other, it appears in the world of net corporations.