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Twitter come up with multiple tweets

Twitter come up with multiple Tweets

It appears Twitter has discovered a way to clear up a difficulty many companies come across while using the service: how does one have multiple staff tweet under one main account, but still show the person behind the account? It is going back to the core point of Twitter - the most successful accounts have personality. And the same is true with accounts made by firms to stay in touch with patrons.

When you have a face and a name behind the company tweets, it makes communication more private and adds value. It obviously asserts in the bio who is doing the typing. One or two days back, Twitter started testing a feature that embodies the account name of the writer inside the base of the message (not in the 140-character tweet - it's only on the site). As an example, if Biz (the founder of Twitter) logs on the main Twitter Company account to send a message, it'll say in a little font under the message that it was by Biz, and link back to his private account. This feature isn’t open to the general public yet, but if you would like to see an example, checks out the Starbucks account, which is testing this feature.

The most effective way to manage an account like this is to allot one individual to the account and say who it is in the bio. But if you want multiple folks on one account, there are some ways to make it friendly. You might compile a Twitter List of all of the staff who uses the account. Ensure the bio claims something similar to, Tweets brought to you by these pinnacle Co.

There are how-to List guides on Twitter. I would not counsel typing the name of the writer in each tweet; it is sloppy and wastes valuable characters, if you do have multiple workers handling one main account, take a look at the free applications CoTweet and HootSuite, which have some behind-the-scenes tools for execs to trace replies and manage multiple accounts.