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Monday, Sep 22nd

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Tumblr released its new app

Tumblr released its new app

Tumblr takes the blog backup space a step farther with its latest release. Tumblr recently reported its new Backup app that should allows users to form a handy copy of their blog's content. Permitting users to view the backup of their blog from any PC or when burned to a CD, they can also access it when hosted as a repository of static HTML files. Much unlike any other the approach used by other publishing sites, Tumblr simplifies the method of viewing blog content. The site claims to use easy file formats whenever possible.

The backup structure has additionally been optimized for Mac OS X's Focus for looking and Fast Look for reading. The company is working at putting to use the same structure for providing the same benefits on other platforms. With no Windows support yet, users are offered minimally styled output in plain theme for complete backups. The minimalist design also allows for 0 external necessities and a consistent information structure. A fresh file comprises the custom theme code in the backup. Users can view the backup in a browser by opening the index.html file. As of now photosets are not yet entirely downloaded. Besides, Tumblr further explains non-public tumblelogs, submissions, notes, feed-imported posts and audio files from reblogged posts aren't backed up by the app. Users can decide to launch the app every few days and re-run the backup in the same place for an incremental media backup.

This permits image and audio files to be re-downloaded only if they do not exist already in the target folder. Each time, text content and post info are however re-downloaded fully.

Tumblr warns users having personal posts to be cautious if the backup is freely published. For programmer's each post's XML info mentioned by the Tumblr API is inserted within an easily-parsed-out HTML comment in each post's HTML file.