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Facebook - An Emerging Trend in Online Marketing

An Emerging Trend in Online Marketing

It is probably not a surprise that Internet is one of the most powerful inventions that has created sensation in the history of mankind. It has revolutionized the computer and communication world, and has become an integral part of people's lives. Internet brought search engines like Google that made any information available just few clicks away, then came social media sites that changed the way people communicate and stay in touch. Considered as powerhouses of Internet, social media sites have also one of the powerful tools for companies to market their products or brands. There are several traditional advertising mediums like television, radio, pamphlet drop Sydney, print media, billboards, etc. Now-a-days, businesses opt for a combination of traditional and modern advertising methods, and Facebook is one of the most preferred choices for internet marketing. Facebook is fast emerging as one of the best advertising platforms mainly due to its huge user base and average amount on time an individual user spends on Facebook.


Google Reader Axed - Company’s Spring Cleaning Initiative

Google Reader Axed

Google announcement to shut-down Google Reader, a popular RSS feed service, has left millions of users shocked and dismayed. With social media services gaining momentum and mobile technology gaining foothold, behavioral pattern of users has seen significant drift. Tools and techniques that were popular few years back now seem out of fashion and Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is one of them. As a part of it's Spring Cleaning initiative, the search giant is shutting down its RSS aggregator, Google Reader along with 7 other services that includes Cloud Connect, Building Maker and others. Google Reader allowed users to keep track of interesting content on the web and pull together their favorite web content at a single location using RSS feed. Google announced that it will discontinue the service from 1st July 2013, thus giving users sufficient window period to look for another service. Users can also export articles they liked and list of users they followed and starred using the Takeout tool.

Google Reader was originally released in 2005 with an objective of making it easy for people to discover and keep tabs of the websites they like. Though it has seen numerous iterations since then, there were no major updations. One of the last changes made were integration to social network Google+. Though usage of Google Reader has witnessed decline over the past years, it has a huge following. The announcement of shut-down has confused and angered Google Reader fans as it still acts as a core part of their internet usage. Within few hours of the announcement, shocked Google Readers users turned to social networking sites like Twitter to express their outrage. In fact, Google Reader was one of the top worldwide topics trends on Twitter with fans expressing their disappointment. As, Google Reader had been one of the leading RSS service provider, die-hard fans are not convinced with the reasons company provided for the shut-down. RSS feeds are popular with web savvy people as it allows them to pull together best of all that is available on Internet. With Google Reader retiring on 1st July 2013, readers have started exploring their options. But finding an equivalent replacement that consists of the look, feel and functionality of Google Reader and fulfils the need of its users seems difficult at the moment.

Move to shut-down Google Reader is in line with its efforts to focus energy into fewer products. This iteration of Spring Cleaning also brings the total number of services shut-down by Google to 80. But, news of disappearance of Google Reader is a big blow for the users. In fact, several petitions have been signed by users to save Google Reader. One of the petitions on got more than 50,000 signatures within few hours. While users are continuously to persuade Google to change its decision and save the product they love and can't stay without, few alternative Readers have already sprung up. Whether new Readers will be able to impress Google Reader fans and gain their support or will fans be able to save Google Reader from shut-down will only be evident in the coming months!

LinkedIn IPO file Opens Floodgates for Facebook, Groupon

LinkedIn IPO file Opens Floodgates for Facebook, Groupon

LinkedIn offers filed to have a preliminary open public offering, potentially introducing the way with regard to Facebook, Twitter, Groupon along with other Internet businesses to become listed on the publicly-traded field. LinkedIn on January. 27 verified it's submitted for an initial public providing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, along with styles upon increasing a minimum of $175 million in stock.


Facebook to inquire users to identify friends as security gauge

Facebook to inquire users to identify friends as security gauge

Users of Facebook may see photos of the friends have asked to mention them, to exhibit security analysts they are the right holders of the account, it has surfaced. The progress to tackle hackers will move shivers behind the spines of those who have expanded the meaning of friendship only to crowd hundreds or even thousands of on-line ‘pals’.


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