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Tuesday, Sep 16th

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Yelp to remove negative reviews

Yelp to remove negative reviews

After having a Yelp account for over two years the client realized that all of their positive reviews were mysteriously vanishing and the negative reviews where standing robust. Yelp profiles about enterprises rank terribly high on search engines. The Yelp search result links on Google even display a 1-5 star rating image.

The star rating of this customer went from five stars to two stars overnight for no apparent reason. has been in hot water formerly for reportedly changing reviews about firms to allegedly extract subsidized account payments from enterprises impacted by negative reviews.

Some companies claim that Yelp members told them that if they paid an once per month fee that thy would more less remove negative reviews and permit the positive reviews to come back, so raising their star rating.

Yelp reviews are customarily good for a business but some enterprises are being hammered by a superfluity of fake negative reviews, even from folks out of their area that they couldn't have most likely done business with. When a company gets a negative Yelp review there's very tiny they can do to mend the issue apart from launch a full scale search website reputation management campaign to bury the Yelp listing about them deep inside search results. has developed a new and satisfactory way to handle negative Yelp Reviews which will permit companies to grab control of what search engines show about them when it comes to their Yelp account. Removing items from the Net is infrequently most unlikely to do.

However burying negative information is possible and is done everyday at the reputation and S.E.O laboratories found in Virginia. The new fast response to this growing Yelp problem has attracted many new clients for the reputation management firm during the last eight weeks.