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Friday, Sep 19th

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Wordpress looking for a default theme

Wordpress looking for a default theme

Wordpress 2.9 was today pushed to all sites running the preferred blogging platform, marking the last major update for the platform for 2009 as the developers behind the CMS look for a new default theme for the subsequent release in 2010.

Coming shortly after the release applicant was declared, the update has some exciting new features including built in post thumbnails (something that developers have formerly had to add themselves), a new trash standing that permits removed items to be recovered if need be, meta-data for comments, media embeds providing the facility to eventually embed videos from sites like YouTube natively and an in-built easy image editor.


By some way the most enjoyable addition is the power to edit photographs from inside your browser using the new basic image editor. With capabilities including revolve, crop and flip, you can now do much of your easy modifying from inside Wordpress instead of on the desktop. This image revising was formerly available from other third party extensions, but being natively available is an enormous and. And with development for 2009 all but complete, the team now have their eyes set on a mid-2010 release for Wordpress three and they are already on the search for a fresh new theme that may replace Kubrick, the present default Wordpress theme that is been about since 2005. The theme would ideally be something nice and light that would look nice on a public site announces Jane Wells, a worker at Automatic.

We would like to introduce a new default theme with version 3.0, which is predicted to come out in mid-2010 (therefore the name), and think it might be good for it to blend well aesthetically with WordPress itself she claimed.

It's undetermined whether at this point the new theme will simply be a more modern version of Kubrick, or a completely new code base altogether, but either way the final choice will be based around community input.