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Tuesday, Sep 30th

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Tumblr supports PubSubHubbub

Now the blogging platform's 2.5 million users can send up-to-the-second alerts to any service that supports the favored PubSubHubbub publish / subscribe custom for near real-time notifications. The added support for PubSubHubbub (are you able to say that ten times fast?) proves 2 things:

  1. Tumblr's got its dukes up. Heavy rivals like Blogger and Posterous (which both added support for PubSubHubbub earlier this year) look like they are in for a deserving fight.
  2. Real time is still headlining our Web experience. Twitter has definitely caught the real-time Web arena's attention in a big fashion, but PubSubHubbub-enabled feeds are also starting to make their mark. Clients utilizing them receive pings right after a post has been released.

This is golden compared to standard RSS feeds which, as you almost certainly know, poll at outlined intervals FriendFeed, FeeBurner, Netvibes, LiveJournal and Lazyfeed are only one or two more examples of the growing PubSubHubbub fan base.