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Tuesday, Sep 30th

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Micro blogging services Started by typePad

Micro blogging services Started by TypePad

Six Apart has declared its TypePad Micro blogging service. This is targeted those people which are keen about blogging. Six Apart's TypePad Micro blogging services has been made free to the users.

Six Apart's CEO Chris Alden announced that TypePad Micro is intended for fast, concise and informal blogging also intended for photo blogging. All this stuff feels like a combination of typical blogging and standing updates a la Twitter. It's a combination that is related to Tumblr, the service that popularized microblogging, and TypePad Micro's most barefaced rival.

According to Chris, TypePad Micro will appeal both to paying TypePad customers as well as people which are involved with TypePad blog communities.

The Firm has announced that Micro is a reduced-feature version of TypePad Pro service. It is featured with a theme called Chrome, which permits the users to customize its colors. Also the Firm has announced that there is not any plan to put advertisements on that service. Beside from that, TypePad has the Twitter feature where the supporter will displayed in the Chrome theme.

Also the company is planning to put more themes soon to pursue the patrons.