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Thursday, Oct 02nd

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Livejournal in the battle

Livejournal in the battle

It appears that Russia continuously enters the golden period of anonymizers, a well known Russian Net expert Alexandr Plushev expounded [Russia] lately.

This comment was a reaction to a scandal concerning a Russian WiMax supplier Yota [English] that blocked access to few many oppositional websites.
But anonymizers may not solve the issue of accesses to prohibited info on the internet.

An event that occurred just few days before Yota story showed how exposed and frail is the theory of anonymity on the Russian Net. The most famous blogging platform in Russia, which is the property of a Russian media company with tight connections to the Kremlin, forestalled everybody using Tor, a tool for unnamed online skimming, from getting access to Livejournal website.


Tor, as outlined by its developers [English], is free software and an open network that helps Internet users protect against a kind of network surveillance that is threatening private liberty and privacy, private business activities and relations, and state security known as traffic analysis. The tool uses a distributed network to stop someone watching your Net connection from learning what sites you visit, and it stops the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Info packets on the Tor network take a random trail thru many relays so no observer at any single point can tell where the info came from or where it is going.