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Hackproof wordpress

Hackproof wordpress

Last week South Florida WordPress Meetup for the WordPress security and the presenter was John Carcutt of West Palm Beach. The meetups are held in Pompano Beach each second wed of the month.

Carcutt, the organizer and the search engine optimisation (S.E.O) boss at MediaWhiz and is a co-host on for the SEO101 show. He's had a long record with Web selling, centered on search engines, and a great history with blogs, particularly WordPress. Glaringly, he likes WordPress or he would not have a meetup for it. His security display was called "How to Hackproof Your WordPress Site," and he covered the fundamentals of site and blog security as well as some of the steps that should be taken to be certain your website is not simply centered. Employing a name and login aside from admin, for example, is a simple way to avoid hacks. Even though it would appear pretty elementary not to use the word admin as your login, a straightforward show of hands after John asked what percentage of the visitors used it, showed how useful that one piece of recommendation was. Some other stuff was also included, including some great enhancements that you may use. The event itself was attended by a good number of folk.

I had predicted a small group of perhaps 10 or 15 folks, but was stunned at how many did show. This back room of Panera was just about standing room only with over twenty WordPress lovers. The meetup, it seems, has over 250 members. Willie Morris, one of the more modern guests, claims, "I've used WordPress for a while and notwithstanding arriving late, I presumed the display covered security tips that both newbies and pros could appreciate." These are folk who are pro bloggers, part time bloggers, private bloggers, or merely enthusiasts who love coding WordPress extensions and mods. There were also theme designers and IT support folk who deal with WordPress a lot.