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A sneak peek into blogging and wordpress hosting

Wordpress with many new features

Blogs are not news anymore and most business websites include a blog section. This might seem strange at first, especially when you see blogs on sites of companies which main activity has nothing to do with writing, consulting, or anything similar. The answer to the question why such companies have a blog is very prosaic – because a regularly updated blog keeps a site fresh. Actually, the main reason why companies use a blog is exactly the same reason as to why individuals blog.

Blogs Drive a Lot of Traffic

Now, that you know that the main reason to why companies and individuals have a blog is to keep the contents of their site fresh, let's see how this helps. When your site has fresh, regularly updated, and unique content, this boosts your rankings with search engines, which in turn drives more traffic to your site. Search engines are the most powerful way to drive traffic to a site and there is no webmaster, who can afford to neglect this basic rule.
However, even if search engines isn’t the main reason to why you want to keep your site fresh, your human visitors certainly won't complain about not having to read the same stuff every day. When your visitors know that your site is regularly updated, they will develop a habit of visiting it every now and then. When visitors enter your blog, chances are that after they have read the new posts, they will visit the main section of the site as well and if there is any news, product announcements, etc. there, it will be noticed as well.

A WordPress Host Can Make or Break Your Business

One of the decisions you need to make about your blog is which blogging platform to use. WordPress is one of the most popular choices. There are many WordPress hosts, which you can use to easily create a great site. It is necessary to clarify that a WordPress host is not the same as hosting your blog with is just one of the thousands bloghosts out there. is a great bloghosting option but generally it is more suitable for a casual blogger than for a company blog. is another bloghosting option you might consider. As you can expect, and are related but they are not the same. is a web host, which offers a couple of packages for business bloghosting and it is one of the top choices for a WordPress host.
If you choose as your bloghosting option, you will have to pay for that. The fees are moderate to low, so hosting your WordPress blog with won't cost you a fortune. WordPress itself is free and open source, which means that you don't have to pay for using the software.

How Your WordPress Blog Helps Your Business

After you find the right WordPress host and set up your blog, your most important task is to keep its content regularly updated. It makes no sense to create a blog, publish a few posts, and then forget about it. Such a blog not only won't drive you traffic but it will also ruin your image because the message it sends is that you start something, make some effort, and then abandon it.
If your blog is boring, this is also bad for your business. The only case when your WordPress blog helps your business is when it is entertaining, useful, and regularly refreshed. If one of these three components is missing, then your blog can be, unfortunately, just a waste of time.