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The lastfm movies

The Lastfm movies

I have been pining for a service like, except for pictures, for some time already. To my amazement, I had an email waiting in my mailbox last week relating to such a service. It's called Filmgator and it's still in beta, but the service works in the way you'd expect it to.

FilmGator is a Finnish start up, based in Helsinki. The service aims to reply to the query: What are folks watching? I have always liked a lot. It aggregates your music in the background and is in a position to pull up statistical data referring to your music habits. I have attempted to Google for something similar to this for films now and then because, although there are lots of pictures produced, I believe that finding good flicks is a lot tougher than finding good music. Not only does FilmGator total the flicks you have studied, but it's also a review site for movies. On each film page, the user is ready to review the film or add comments. Furthermore, there is a chance to add it to your timeline. Your watched films are placed on a timeline and the user is ready to go back their history and see when they have studied what.

While FilmGator has the standard functions in use, it pretty much does not have the likelihood to find new flicks thru recommendations. The only possible way to find new films right now is thru timelines and watchlists of other community members. The concept in itself is great and I appreciate the basics of it I do wish that FilmGator had implemented a little more sociality into the service although it's still in beta. There's no business design in the service yet and when it comes to pictures, the streaming model may not work. This does not imply FilmGator has no technique of earning profits though. In reality, there are loads of ways. For instance, if they can make a good recommendation engine for flicks they could license the technology to other sellers. FilmGator will shortly have plenty of data on how folks watch pictures and how sociality has effects on this. This is valuable info when planning such technologies.