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Monday, Sep 22nd

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The deal signed between vevo and

The deal signed between vevo and

With only one or two days till launch, Vevo has revealed a new collaboration with CBS that will bring some type of integration, as well as content from ninety CBS music radio stations. There are not too many details right now, but the deal should round out the content coming from the site's folks Universal Music Group and Sony Music.

CBS Interactive Music Group will supply live concerts, as well as in-studio performances, from the radio stations it controls. There also will be further material like interviews and 'behind the scenes' content.

How precisely this fits into a video site is yet to be seen. Similarly unknown is how will be integrated, though CBS has been pushing to turn the site into a media brand instead of simply a music streaming service and is ready to launch Last.TV, a video part tied to the site featuring concert pictures and the likes.'s up to date integration with Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console proved a massive success and it's obvious that CBS has giant plans for the site.

Vevo, a collaboration of Universal and Sony music, is ready to be launched next Tues. . The site has been in the works for quite a bit now and may be devoted to music videos and related content. It was actually the brainchild of Universal Music which later convinced Sony to join as a partner, though talks with the other 2 major labels have been fruitless so far, in spite of some indications that this will change. Google, or rather YouTube, will provide the technical knowledge, the platform and the infrastructure for the site, but it is going to be otherwise absolutely separated from YouTube. The venture got an enormous break latterly after it managed to secure funding from Abu Dhabi Media Company, reportedly at a valuation of $300 million. This had been a problem for the site as without an external partner it could have run into difficulty with anti-trust regulators.