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Thursday, Sep 18th

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Myspace acquired

Myspace acquired

Many months after buying music discovery service iLike, MySpace in addition has gobbled up streaming music site imeem. The news Corp.-owned social media site acquired imeem for an unknown sum. Owen Truck Natta, MySpace's Boss, related the 2 firms "share a typical vision and dedication to further enabling the socialization of content across the Web."

The transition is in progress. Later on, visitors of the will be moved to music, according to an imeem blog post. This move means users won't able to stream music on, through inserted playlists, or thru the Android and iPhone imeem apps.

"We realize these are major changes. We request that you bear with us in this transition period, understanding that our team is collaborating with the MySpace team to make even better new music experiences," imeem announced. In time, imeem users will be supplied with "easy methods to recreate your imeem playlists on MySpace Music," according to imeem. "As quickly as practical, we'll be working to supply users the imeem playlists they have made on MySpace Music," claimed Wagon Natta. Also the Imeem chief executive Dalton Caldwell, chief technical officer Brian Berg, and VP of sales David Wade will serve as consultants in the modification, Wagon Natta announced. In late October, Google launch a music search service that contained imeem, MySpace (and iLike), Lala, Pandora, and Rhapsody.

With the service, searches for music on now return music clips or full songs from these suppliers. Last week it was published that Apple had bought Lala, and now MySpace snaps up imeem. Are Pandora and Rhapsody the next to go?