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Monday, Sep 22nd

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Imeem service stop by myspace

Imeem service stop by Myspace

It has been virtually a week since MySpace Music closed its purchase of some of the assets of music service Imeem and redirected to MySpace took lots of heat for the unexpected shutdown of the Imeem service, especially the API.

But the truth is that MySpace did not shut the Imeem service down. Imeem's creditors and the music labels did. If MySpace had not done the deal Imeem would have shut down anyhow. The company was just out of money and options, and the wheels had come off the car. For the main part the press now gets that MySpace had little to do with the shutdown, and has settled down. Imeem's 16,000,000 monthly visitors allegedly haven't gotten the message, though, and each couple of mins one of them fires off an irritated message on Twitter. One example only one or two mins gone, in the image above: "Imeem, one of the finest music sites, died, wrecked by MySpace." Another: "RIP imeem. They sold out on Dec. 8th." Users are especially upset about losing their playlists, something MySpace has recounted they'd work industriously to transition "as quickly as possible." It's not really the warms cuddle MySpace possibly thought they'd receive when they stepped in and saved the maximum amount of the Imeem service as they could.

And with the advantage of hindsight some basic communication to Imeem users apart from the shock of a redirect to MySpace Music could have been a great idea. Like an e-mail to users informing them what was taking place, as an example. But the result is the same. The passing of Imeem had zip to do with MySpace, and whatever parts of the service do live on will only do so because MySpace stepped in to buy some of Imeem's assets. The hard part, naturally, is getting that message to those 16,000,000 pissed off users.