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Imeem cassette tape icon

Imeem cassette tape icon

Thanks to imeem, in 2009 I had the best looking iPhone app icon on my home screen. It is a cute small cassette tape icon, and it represents all of my playlists and digital mix tapes in the imeem platform.

And know what? That little icon basically made me grin each time I used my iPhone. Even if I did not use the app, I grinned back at that icon knowing what could happen when I clicked on it : music! But now that lovable small mix tape icon will not work any more, the imeem API is dead, and the service is totally melted.

All of my playlists are gone, your playlists are gone. Any connection imeem users made inside the community, with artists, with labels, and with the service is lost. But I continue to keep that cassette tape icon on my home screen. I did not use imeem all that much, but I did experience a connection with the product, even if just thru the enjoyable experience of clicking the cassette icon and listening to what felt like a mixture tape.

Enjoying that icon on my front home screen was a part of my investment in imeem. Since the MySpace purchase, when I touch the icon, nothing occurs. In truth, if you would like to say ciao to your pals in the neighborhood - forget all about it. If you'd like to retrieve playlists, forget about it. If you need to retrieve your pretend "revenue" share - forget about it. All of it is over, and MySpace very swiftly decided that with the end of imeem not one of us needs to recollect the ways that we enjoyed it. Your music preferences don't matter. Your behaviour and feelings don't matter. Your connection to the product doesn't count. Any identity you maintained on imeem is gone. From a numeric standpoint, imeem provided stream counts to artists and bands - all of that data is gone, too. So long, it's all just gone.